14th July 2011

I have had the RMS InControl system for about 3 years and up until recently have only been using it as a risk report writer with mixed results.

However, as a person who doesn’t like reading the flipping manual or listening to those who know their “stuff” I was finally persuaded by Chris to go thru the whole RMS training process from start to finish…….right from step one i.e. meeting the prospect, thru to the end of sale and using his referral system......

First result was a $6000 premium sold with relative ease. The second was a difficult proposition with the interview conducted with him, her and their accountant…… The resulting figures were $16,000 premium (ouch) no way I thought! So back to him, her and the accountant to present the reports provided by RMS. I again used the track I had gone thru with Chris and again it worked and we wrote the case!

The RMS system is now used on everybody I do business with – nobody escapes. And it really works. I have never had a better 6 month start to the year ever even despite the drama around going AFA.

I highly recommend RMS – but don’t do what I did for two and a half years – use the training and go and use it on everybody and you will see the results.

Geoff Kloogh - Financial Planning Ltd, Dunedin. 03 477 2699

June 2, 2011

My name is Gordon Bell, I am a Risk Analyst and my company is Thin Ice Risk Management based in Christchurch.

I had RMS Software in the past and cancelled the licence as I thought I could manage my business without it. As I became more aware of the stringent requirements for new regulation I quickly realized I made an error and had my licence reinstated.

I originally had problems getting clients to buy into the full advice Life Risks Contingency Planning service, as most were opting for limited or nil advice. After discussion with Chris about this issue, he suggested I do some online webinar coaching with him regarding how to ‘sell’ the full advice concept to new prospects.

I have had 3 coaching sessions to date with more planned. These sessions have been extremely beneficial, and my approach is now quite different when presenting the different service levels to prospects.

I applied what Chris taught me the very first appointment I went to after the first coaching session, and walked away with a large full advice Contingency Plan to complete for a substantial building company. These clients were only visited the previous week by their adviser for their annual review; he attempted to sell more insurance which put them on the defensive.

When I offered them a holistic approach with a comprehensive report advising them whether or not their risk needs and objectives were currently fulfilled, they jumped at this opportunity as they had never been offered such a service in the past.

I look forward to completing the coaching with Chris as I can see that there are particular ways to go about offering InControl services to clients to gain their buy in.