• Client Testimonials

“When our friends told us that they’d given our name to an insurance adviser, we thought “Oh no!” But once we met with the [InControl] adviser, we felt a lot better, and we’re now very happy that we had the report done.”

“We consider the time with the [InControl] adviser well spent. Even our accountant endorsed the recommendations.”

“What we liked best about the [InControl] adviser is that he was independent. They are not just out to sell you one brand of insurance. They will recommend what is best for your situation.”

“The [InControl] adviser was a nice pleasant person to deal with. Not pushy!”

“I didn’t know what a Risk Review was all about, but it was explained to us really well, and we’re happy that we went ahead with it. We’re now more than happy to recommend the procedure to others.”

“We were very impressed that our [InControl] adviser did all the spade work, it didn’t take much of our time.”

“They took very little time up front to understand our situation”

“We’re better off over all, even having cancelled some existing policies. We’ve even saved in some areas”

“The biggest surprise for us [from the InControl review] was that our protection was outdated and had not been organised in priority of importance.”

“We knew we needed some income protection, and the [InControl] Risk Report made us do something about it.”

“The cost of the protection insurance was reasonable, and we got much better cover.”

“We valued the [InControl] adviser’s unbiased opinion”

“We’d already ‘sussed’ out all the insurance companies and we liked the fact that our [InControl] adviser was independent.”

“Good, polite, efficient, courteous people.”

“Everything was explained well.”

“Even though their recommendations cost us more, our [InControl] adviser gave us very good options, so we were happy to change.”

“The standard of service was excellent. It was totally unobtrusive and there was no push.”

“We believe it’s an essential service and well worth it.”

“Our [InControl] adviser was very professional, and we appreciate what was done for us.”

“Even though we had a reasonable understanding of what a Risk Review was, we appreciated that they thoroughly explained the process”

“We were reasonably sceptical of the [InControl] Risk Review’s benefit at first, but it really showed our areas of need.”

“We had no hesitation in implementing the recommendations straight away.”

“It cost us a fraction more for wider, more thorough cover.”

“We were pleasantly surprised at the amount of work our [InControl] adviser was prepared to put into the Risk Review at no cost.”

“The whole process was exceptionally thorough.”

“We’re happy to recommend the [InControl] Risk Review to others who might benefit.”