• InControl™ can serve as a powerful sales pathway known as Client-Perspective - Consultative (or Counsellor) Selling...

Useful for established advisers (keen to improve their sales results) as well as new advisers looking for an effective sales track, the Consultative Sales Pathway inherent in the InControl™ application provides a best of breed sales track that commences with a Meeting Agenda (at the commencement of the first client meeting) and concludes at close of sale.

This pathway is known to keep the meeting on track, maintain the client’s sense of involvement and control throughout, and achieve a superior sales result, as reported in the NBR May 2012.

Specifically, many advisers who use the InControl™ application in their meetings routinely report that their prospects and clients are more likely to buy insurance, that their insurance spend is higher (often significantly so), and that they’ll hang on to their new insurance for longer.

  • Why?

There are primarily three recognised brands or ‘styles’ of selling Asset Magazine Article - What’s your selling paradigm that go across all sectors and industries, and the Client-Perspective - Consultative Selling is the most effective and results in prospects and clients feeling that the plan which InControl™ produces is ‘their’ idea (as opposed to one which you’ve recommended), and human nature being what it is, they value it all the more and take their insurance needs more seriously.