• If you’re an individual, family or business owner, then you need sound, unbiased financial and insurance advice that you know you can rely on…

The problem is that you don’t know what we don’t know, meaning, that most of us have no way of knowing whether the advice we’re receiving is good, bad or otherwise, and we often don’t discover this until its too late!

One of the factors that contributes to this problem is that financial and insurance products are generally sold (rather than bought). Further, the sale is often based more on relationship and trust, rather than hard evidence and quality advice. If an adviser seems credible and personable, we tend to take him or her at their word.

The Financial Advisers Act 2008 was meant to change all of that when it came into effect 1st July 2011. However, under pressure from the financial services sector, the Government tragically changed direction at the eleventh hour and more or less exempted Insurance Advisers and Lenders from the Act. Yet, at any one time, Insurance Advisers are discussing greater sums of money with their clients than many Investment Advisers – yet with minimal accountability!

  • InControl™ changes all of that by putting YOU in control!

By linking you with a Financial Adviser who is accredited by RMS® to use InControl™, you’re assured of dealing with one of New Zealand’s most rigorously trained and consumer-centric financial and insurance advisers.

These advisers subscribe to InControl™ voluntarily, because they understand the importance of Best Practice i.e. putting their clients and the provision of the best advice first, and themselves second. They see their primary role as that of a consultant, there to assist YOU decide what your requirements look like, then advise you how best to achieve that. RMS has accumulated many client testimonials from their highly satisfied clients.

Furthermore, most of these advisers choose to bear the full cost of providing the InControl™ review to their clients, and all they ask in return is two things: 1/ If the InControl™ review results in the need to acquire new insurance, that you’d place that insurance through them, and 2/ if you love the service, that you’d recommend it to others! That’s it!

An InControl™ adviser can meet with you face to face or in cyber space, which ever you prefer.

Please contact us to be put in touch with InControl™ an adviser.