• Want to give best-advice and get cases on the books quickly and efficiently?

In their quest for even more efficiency, many InControl™ Users have asked whether we plan to launch our own CRM or alternatively team up with other technology vendors to provide data-integration between our respective offerings.

Our view of the ideal world is one in which advisers would have access to a range of best of breed technologies i.e. CRMs, sales tools, data and needs analysis (DNA) plan writers, research engines, electronic proposals and so on.  Each would be developed and supported by specialists in their respective fields, and who would work collaboratively to deliver high quality end to end solutions that integrate with each other.

This would eliminate the headache of the double, triple and quadruple handling client data that currently plague’s the insurance sector while still upholding best practice and best advice!

It’s certainly no secret that RMS has endeavoured to garner the cooperation of financial services technology providers in this vision, and that we haven’t been wildly successful with the mainstream CRM vendors in particular!

They just don’t seem or want to understand that an effective sales platform and DNA plan writer consists of a lot more than a generic mum & pop plan template imbedded in a CRM!

  • The good news is...

Consequently, we put a set of fresh feelers out earlier in 2012 looking for a solution, and after eliminating several possibilities, we settled on a joint venture with CRM systems developer FAB Forte to deliver a data-integrated solution to our respective clients.

Forte is a highly regarded CRM package in financial planning circles and is now available for the first time as a Risk Workbench CRM that’s data-integrated with the InControl™ application.

Add to this the data-integration we’re doing with Fidelity Life’s Apollo (quotation and eProposal portal), and Konnect Net’s SureApp (sales interface with Insurers), and we’ll pretty soon have eliminated all double, treble and quadruple handling of client-data, forever! See Good Returns or End to end Integration.

  • Technology is our business…

Neither FAB Forte nor RMS InControl™ are insurance companies or adviser dealer groups exploiting technology to entrap advisers into depending on them.

Our business is specialising in building and supporting best of breed technologies for financial advisers who wish to excel in their field - irrespective of their alliances.

And our journey together has only just begun! We have a range of projects on the drawing board which include a new desktop-bound ‘front-end’ for InControl™ that will free you up to work with clients off-line!

  • Price Positioning

While we aim to be price competitive, our primary objective is to deliver a Ferrari-level solution to advisers who value performance.

The data-integrated Forte Risk Workbench CRM – InControl™ DNA Planwriter Combo is user friendly, and will achieve significant time and cost savings as well as extra earnings. 

However, we recognise that advisers have differing requirements due to their individual business setup, so we’ve been working on a range of pricing models one of which should fit your requirements.

  • And it's available now!

The data-integrated Forte/InControl™ combo is available now and for a surprising low monthly fee given what’s on offer.

  • ** No establishment fees **
  • ** No charge for importing data from your current CRM **
  • ** Significant discount for the InControl™ - Forte Risk Workbench CRM combo **

So contact us now for full details, and be first in line to move forward more efficiently, or call Chris/Katrina from RMS on 64 7 3480 679 or Jono from FAB on 64 3365 7851.