• Risk Management Solutions Group LTD

Founded in June 2000 by Director Chris Louisson, RMS Group LTD is a privately owned New Zealand company specialising in the development and supply of risk management solutions and technologies.

Our main service offering is InControl™, a sophisticated needs analysis and plan SOA writing tool that provides a refreshingly different and open approach to understanding and assessing financial needs and insurance, and which is quietly revolutionising the delivery of Financial Services.

InControl™ is used by a wide range of financial service providers whose primary focus is the provision of high quality financial advice to their respective clientele. These include Chartered Accountants, Financial Planners and Insurance Advisers.

So whether you’re an individual, family and/or a business owner looking for high quality financial and insurance advice, or, you’re a financial services provider looking to improve the quality of advice you provide, better meet the code of practice compliance, or just generally enhance your business and sales performance, then you’ve come to the right place.