• If you’re a Financial Adviser looking to better meet compliance, automate your business systems or simply enhance your sales performance, then InControl™ might assist you achieve some truly outstanding results...

Approximately 160 +/- financial and insurance advisers currently use InControl™ to manage their sales, data and needs analysis and SOA plan writing.

Most of these report significant improvements to their overall business performance NBR Article. These improvements include considerable time savings and improvement in the quality of their service, and, a higher uptake of their advice, larger case sizes and better overall persistency Adviser Testimonials. A number have also reported a significant increase in the number of referrals they’re receiving from highly satisfied clients.

Bottom line? These advisers are working smarter, not harder, and earning more money – often significantly so!

  • Independent

What's more, InControl™ is owned and operated independently of all insurance companies and adviser dealer groups. This means that any quality adviser can subscribe to this valuable service irrespective of his or her business affiliations.

And your long-term tenure of InControl™ is absolutely guaranteed! No one can use InControl™ to try and lock you in or control you, and perhaps more importantly, no one can lock you out either!

So contact us if you’re a keen learner, and want to generate more time to see more clients (or spend with your family), increase your average case size by at least 25%, or get 2013 off to a cracking start with lots of quality referrals!