Chris commenced his professional career in financial services when he joined Colonial Mutual in his mid-twenties in 1986, and transferred to National Mutual in March 1987 on the promise of better training and support…

He worked in the family sector and built what was in his own words a modest client base over his four years there. However, having worn himself out using draconian prospecting methods and working most nights, and, developed serious misgivings about the future of the tied agency force, he resigned from National Mutual in September 1991 leaving behind his client base and tens of thousands of dollars in deferred and renewal commissions.

He established an independent financial advisory firm and set about radically changing the way he went about his business. With the support of David Haak of Sovereign Assurance and later his then successor Mike Barns, he established a business plan to radically improve his standard of living, minimise night appointments and work a maximum of a four days per week.

Louisson explains that to achieve these meant he had to radically increase the value of his sales and deal with people who he could see during the day. The obvious solution, Louisson explains, “was to work with business owners.”

"The only problem was that I knew really very little about business and absolutely nothing about business insurance! To make matters worse, I couldn’t find any processes or systems to acquire or advisers competent in business risk who could teach me.” 

So in 1993 Louisson commenced development of the forerunner to today’s InControl™ software, which entailed developing an intuitive understanding of business risks and developing comprehensive fact find and reporting templates. However, Louisson explains that the deeper he burrowed into this work, the more captivated he became by the development of needs-driven sales processes. "What started in desperation became an insatiable passion for me" he says. 

The outcome of this work Louisson say’s is that he eventually increased his business production 5 fold, wrote far fewer but much larger cases, reduced night appointments to no more than two or three per month, and worked “in" his business only 2-3 days per week. "I spent the balance of my week absorbed in developing my systems in readiness for launching InControl™ in June 2000.

Chris is married to Katrina and they have four adult children. Katrina is responsible for software training and support, Chris for R & D and sales training.

Chris and Katrina are passionate about risk management, developing and enhancing sales and analysis tools and supporting advisers in improving the quality of their advice and sales performance.