• InControl™ is a powerful online software solution, built by a leading Financial Adviser - for smart Financial Advisers, and serves as a powerful end to end advice and sales platform.

Used by well established financial advisers as well as new comers to the sector alike, InControl™ has been developed and tested over fifteen years in the field, and has evolved into a truly outstanding sales and advice system, and as reported in the NBR May 2012, is fast gaining the reputation for transforming Financial Adviser’s business operations and sales performance.

Not to be confused with a CRM that’s retro fitted with a generic mum and pop SOA plan template, InControl™ is the real deal! Perhaps even a world first!

InControl™ is both a Sales Platform and a fully automated Data Needs Analysis and SOA Plan Writer, all in one. It quite literally manages your entire sales and advice process!

Some users have recently dubbed InControl™ the “Salemaker”, because they’ve discovered that with the aid of the inherent Consultative Sales Pathway, InControl™ closes some seriously good sales - with a little help from themselves of course!

  • Six Step – paint by numbers simplicity

The InControl™ advice and sales system follows a simple six step workflow, which commences with Step 1. Meeting Agenda right at the outset of your first meeting with a new prospect or with an existing client when doing a review, and carries you all the way through the sales process and concludes with Step 6. Plan Implementation at the close of sale.

It is from within Step 6. Plan Implementation that ‘need prioritisation’ is accomplished where necessary and plan variations recorded, and where you’ll soon be able to launch Konnect Net and Fidelity eProposals early-mid 2013.

  • 5 Sales / Advice Modules

The Risk Review consists of five Sales and Advice Modules, each specially tailored to meet the unique circumstances and requirements of differing client types.

Sales/Advice Module Description
Individual/family Non business owner
Self Employed Individual/family with one small business
SME Individual/family with key staff and/or multiple businesses
Corporate Business with 2 or more unrelated shareholders
Rural Individual/family with a farm

Once you’ve selected the specific module for your client, InControl™ conforms perfectly to that scenario – providing a clear and concise sales pathway to follow - from the data and needs inputs all the way through to writing the SOA Plan documents.

Each module in turn contains 3 Scopes of Advice for your client to choose from. These are Nil (financial) Advice, Limited (financial) Advice, and Full Advice Review, the latter culminating in a full Contingency, Estate and/or Business Succession Plan.

  • CRM Integration

InControl™ is now also integrated with the highly regarded FAB Forte CRM significantly reducing your data handling, as recently reported in Good Returns. See also Forte CRM Integration.

  • How do I get it?

InControl™ is available on a monthly subscription basis, and all induction and training is provided part and parcel of the subscription.

Contact us today to book an online guided tour of this fabulous application.